Who's Erin?

Everyone has a story to tell. Mine may or may not be riveting or poignant, but I believe it is unique and entertaining. Born and raised as a farm girl in rural Idaho, I spent my early days playing freely in the neighborhoods and fields in and around my hometown of Nezperce. Perhaps this is where I got my swimming start, since its the only thing to do in the summers if you're not old enough to drive grain trucks. I was a late bloomer on the bike, having learned how to ride around 2nd grade with the help of my eldest brother.

I remember being constantly active growing up, with dance classes taking up the majority of my time. Being the runt in a class of about 10, I was not exactly the first pick for basketball or kickball on the playground. But I was pretty fast on those little legs. Growing up in a neighborhood full of boys, along with two older (ornery) brothers, I developed a tenacity that few little ballerinas have. Furthermore, my ever-encouraging parents always told me I could do anything I set my mind to... and I usually set the bar pretty high. I dabbled in a few team sports throughout high school, but my soul always sought individual conquests. 

I didn't venture far from home for college, attending the University of Idaho (go Vandals!) to attain my B.S. in Sports Science and my Master's in Dietetics. It was during my time there that I was introduced to mountain biking, which led to my first triathlon in 2005: the Lake to Forest Triathlon held near the picturesque town of Sandpoint, ID. It was a sprint distance event, and I really had no idea what I was doing. I also have no idea what my finishing time was. All I know is I was hooked.

Alongside my beer-loving, camera-toting, indefatigably supportive husband, Matt (MFMG to some of you), I am eager to navigate this crazy world of racing, eating, laughing and traveling.  My friends and family describe me as: "Vivacious." "Prepared." "Sunny." "A go-getter." "Reliable." "Gracious." "Energetic." These attributions are what I strive for, in life and racing. I'm a glass-half-full kind of girl (especially when it comes to wine!) and look forward to the adventures to come.


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