Monday, March 18, 2013

New beginnings

My first blog post comes from the cozy surroundings of my parents' living room in my hometown of Nezperce, ID. This is purely coincidental, yet fitting.

I lived in Nezperce for my first 18 years. I know every corner of the town. If ever there was ever a place to bring me comfort this would be it. Several of my schoolmates still live here, and welcome me back with open arms. Conversation rarely centers around triathlon. Rather, we reminisce about the mischief and laughs that consumed our days growing up here. As luck would have it, there was even an annual event this weekend, the Fireman's Ball, that provided the perfect setting for me to surround myself with people who have known me since before I could ride a bike.

Beginnings are usually a bit scary. No matter how much confidence or anticipation one has when embarking on a new adventure, these feelings are often accompanied by a dash of trepidation (at least for me). While I have years of triathlon experience under my belt, this will be my inaugural year racing in the elite field...which is a bit intimidating. I am also not a blogger, nor do I peruse many blogs regularly.To launch two very public feats simultaneously has managed to cloud my enthusiasm with an unfamiliar feeling: insecurity.

So how to deal with this? Whenever I find myself in a situation that brings up negative thoughts or feelings and self-doubt I seek familiarity and reassurance to soothe me while I tackle the looming challenge. Most often, I draw from positive past experiences, my optimistic attitude and those key people in my life who support me unconditionally.

This weekend home was the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in feel-good vibes that recharge my batteries and bring back that audacity that keeps life interesting. Old friends, a loving family, and down-home festivities have helped keep me grounded by bringing me back to my roots.

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