Monday, May 27, 2013

Pole Peddle Paddle

Yeah, yeah, I realize it should be "Pole, Pedal, Paddle" but this is a test to see if my buddy Tom Lloyd reads my blog. If you'd like a little background on this silly misspelling, check out my uber blonde moment in my Facebook thread from May 17th. I have no shame.

Mt Bachelor at the start...can't tell but it was snowing pretty good.
This event has intrigued me since I learned of it a few years back. Granted, I could hardly stand on skate skis, let alone wallow my way through 8k of it back then. But my Nordic abilities have since improved, especially after training for and completing the American Birkebeiner this past February. These mad skills are what attracted the attention of my friend Bryan Escobedo, who was (ahem) "desperate" for someone to do the Nordic ski portion of the race. Whatever...he totally picked me for my superior speed (and uncanny ability to flail like a mad woman while screaming down the trail, somehow avoiding multiple wipeouts). Team "Jalapeno Business" was born! Say it slowly...

Team "Jalapeno Business" with my buddy Bryan Escobedo

Props to the people of Bend for organizing and executing a logistically challenging event that requires more planning and gear than a Hollywood housewife backpacking trip. The race starts at Mt. Bachelor, where the downhill and Nordic portions are held, as well as the bike transition. I opted to Nordic ski, then hop on my trusty rocket and fly down the mountain toward town. It was my first (and hopefully ONLY) ride in the snow this year. Mother Nature treated us to some flurries at the start, but cleared up for the remainder of the event. Bryan ran the 10k, paddled on the Deschutes and then tagged me for the final sprint finish. Good enough for 3rd AG in the pairs division...we'll take it!

Race swag. Good for coffee or beer.

Aside from some confusion at the bike-to-run transition (Escobedo got trigger-happy and took off before I got a chance to tag him), some inclement weather, and an unfortunate case of foodborne illness for Mrs. Escobedo (who is also 30 weeks pregnant and a total trooper) it went off without a hitch. What an adventurous, fun way to mix it up during the race season- already contemplating next year's PPP. Plus, spending an extra weekend of the year in Bend, OR does not suck.

Next up, Boise 70.3. Let's hope PPP really was my only ride in the snow this year...

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