Saturday, April 13, 2013


It is my constant companion these days. It can easily be compared to the weather- mostly predictable, occasionally surprising and once in a while so staggering that one can do nothing more than succumb to it. Indeed, training is underway for the 2013 triathlon season, which means hunger abounds.

There is the obvious form of hunger, which causes one to dream about a plate of deliciousness that is sure to be the next meal. I often debate with my husband, Matt, about discerning between "tummy hunger" and "mouth hunger." There is a difference between truly needing sustenance and simply craving a certain flavor or texture in a absence of true hunger. Despite all of my adept explanations, my dear husband swears he still doesn't understand the distinction. This is obvious, as evidenced by the Hanzel-and-Gretel-esque trail of tortilla chips that crunch under my feet the morning after he has raided our cupboards late at night. *sigh*

But this time of year brings on another type of hunger as well... a hunger for competition. I find myself pushing a little harder to make that green light on my bike commute. The smack-talking picks up during the cribbage bouts with MFMG. I strive just a tick harder to complete my work before the five o'clock hour. This drive to be one step ahead of others...and myself...takes over on a daily basis.

Perhaps the best method of illustrating this concept is visually. In the following pictures you can see my older brother undergo each stage of hunger:
Hungry for competition (my dad was toeing off with his own plate of ribs)
Tummy Hunger (Yeah! I'm famished!)
Mouth Hunger (I'm miserably full but will keep eating because it tastes sooooo good!)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a cribbage game to win. ;-)

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